How Carl Freer Affected the Living Consciousness of the World?

Carl Freer has demonstrated that by being a highly tech-savvy entrepreneur combining creativity, hard work, and technology, one can easily create a fortune in billion dollars. Having Brainchild several projects, he is widely regarded as the supremo of aiding humanity with technology. Being a tech fanatic, Carl Freer religiously followed his dream of creating a handheld gaming console, Gizmondo. His parent company Tiger Telematics raised a substantial billion dollar in just couple of years.

After facing massive sales failure of Gizmondo, he brushed himself up to acquire other intellectual properties. The world benefited greatly through Aluminaid which created metal bandages for alleviating excruciating pain of first and second-degree burn in a matter of seconds. The technology is deservedly patented by the company and has since brought a handsome return on its investment.s

It helps in directing the heat away from the wound and showering a pulsating cold air to bring immediate relief. He owns several patents in various fields and is a proud billionaire for creating a paradigm shift.The technology is first of its kind and has caught the healthcare industry in a surprising way. Before that, he also aids tremendously towards Crowd Funding for artists and filmmakers. For his other accomplished portfolio’s check Carl Freer official account on Slideshare.

With Freer Family Tree Foundation, Carl Freer has offered app-laudable support towards the needy children. For empowering them to live a thriving successful life, the foundation has spent a substantial financial aid. The project is centered around creating schools and hospitals for the children.

Carl Freer foundation has impacted the environment by saving the endangered species. He has successfully implemented the various disciplines of science for innovation in different sectors. He created a highly profitable revenue sharing model for the advertisers. In short, his methodologies has worked to provide supreme aid to the humanity and now his sights are set on even bigger missions. You can get to more about him at Carl Freer account on

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