Carl Freer And Tiger Telematics – How It Really Happened

Many people only know about the rapid success that was experienced by the company, Tiger Telematics, but only a few really care to find out who was behind all that exploits in the first place. Some just choose to concentrate on the highs and lows of the company and that was all. If you have had the intention of digging deeper, in order to get very useful information about how Carl Freer impacted Tiger Telematics, then you can run a few internet searches on Carl Freer – Technology Entrepreneur. This will certainly clue you in on the daring potentials of this man.

Tiger Telematics’ Rise In Market Share

What people fail to understand is that Tiger Telematics must have gone through some very stormy times even before they gained the recognition that took them to the top. Taking a closer look at their success structure would have been the best thing to do if you really want to uncover the truth about this individual and the company. Tiger Telematics’ success in market value was rather unprecedented at that time – The Gizmondo handheld console was the company’s breakthrough. The company took a giant stride from wherever it was to a staggering $2.7Bn in market capital.

It is possible you may not heard of Carl Freer contribution towards the success of this company. His managerial skills must have really played a great role in actualizing Telematics’ success. Having a view of Carl Freer – Swedish Businessman video on YouTube is all you need to get a better understanding of who he is and how he must have really helped build the company’s reputation back then. Succeeding at Tiger Telematics the way this man did is not something that can be done by every businessman. He was simply exceptional and as such, credit should be given to him.

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